One of the world’s most advanced virtual pinball simulations featuring original table #1: Black Flaggers – a pirate’s journey of plundering loot, swashbuckling adventures and cannon wielding foes. Wicked pinball mechanics on a cutting edge engine: the high fidelity pinball experience.

The game is inspired by the pinball classics we enjoyed over the last decades and the advanced lighting effects seen in the fantastic modern pinballs over the last years. We have set out to create a pinball simulation that is true to its roots, yet enriched by an environment not limited by mechanical representations.


At the game’s core is a physically accurate and believable pinball experience simulating all the classic elements:
Balls, Flippers, Kickers, Lights and Lamps, Scoops, Diverters, Targets, Rollovers, Posts, Pegs and Pins, Ramps and Habitrails, Bumpers and Spinners, Gates and Doors, Magnets and Coils, Captive Balls and Captivating Toys – supported by a retro styled dot matrix display, a versatile light sequencer sounds, voiceovers and music.


Pinball Wicked’s first original pinball table Black Flaggers invites you on a pirate’s journey of plundering loot, swashbuckling adventures and cannon wielding foes.

The playfield, toys, characters and environment create a lush and vibrant pirate world brimming with life and adventure.

As a Black Flagger you are thrust into the treasure hunting life of a dare-and-be-damned blade o’ fortune. You set out to make a name for yourself, a name only to be whispered with a trembling voice, a name which will be remembered as the bane of the seven seas through the ages yet to come.

But being born into the golden age of pirates just isn’t the blessing it ought to be: your swashbuckling and throat cutting, raiding and looting, and all your grit and bravado just isn’t enough to shine as a bloody beacon.

blackflaggers_cannonshot_ksOne misty morning, the huge red disc of the sun staring deep into your eyes, in the wake of a drunken stupor a burning epiphany arrives: Show the world who’s the captain by battling the damnedest pirates of ‘em all.


The core of the game is a cutting edge pinball simulation system based on Epic’s awesome Unreal® Engine 4: Highly accurate physics, a modular gameplay system and a fully dynamic specialized lighting and fx system, capable of sequencing hundreds of dynamic lights.

Pinball Wicked in a nutshell:

  • Includes Black Flaggers: Vibrant pirate world brimming with life and adventure
  • Classic and modern pinball elements
  • Absolute pinball physics: Highly accurate rolling ball simulation
  • Fully dynamic, real-time lighting and physically-based rendering (PBR)
  • Beautifully illuminated by a versatile light sequencer with hundreds of fully dynamic lights
  • Heaps of awesome particles and fx
  • Pinball Action Cams:
    Switch instantly between predefined cameras and between fixed and dynamic modes
  • Retro styled dot-matrix display (DMD)

Stay tuned for upcoming feature announcements during Early Access!